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Artikelnr: P09685-B21 / EAN: 190017323275

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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Do you need to accelerate the performance of your data-intensive applications? HPE Servers Mixed Use (MU) Solid State Drives (SSDs) deliver high performance and endurance for customers with applications requiring a balance of high random read and write IOPS performance. HPE (MU) SSDs typically have an endurance of between <1 and=""><10 drive="" writes="" per="" day="" (dwpd).="" all="" hpe="" ssds="" are="" backed="" by="" over="" 3.35="" million="" hours="" of="" testing="" and="" qualification1="" ensuring="" reliable,="" high-performing="" drives.="" hpe="" digitally="" signed="" firmware="" prevents="" unauthorized="" access="" to="" your="" data="" by="" providing="" the="" assurance="" that="" drive="" firmware="" comes="" from="" a="" trusted="" source.="" the="" self-describing="" icons="" on="" the="" hpe="" smart="" carrier="" take="" the="" guesswork="" out="" of="" a="" drive’s="" status,="" and="" a="" “do="" not="" remove”="" button="" prevents="" data="" loss="" from="" human="" error.="" you="" can="" also="" monitor="" the="" lifespan="" of="" your="" ssd="" with="" hpe="" smartssd="" wear="" gauge="" compatibility="" in="" management="" tools,="" allowing="" you="" to="" determine="" if="" any="" drives="" are="" at="" risk="" of="">

HPE SSDs offer High Performance, Exceptional Reliability, and Efficiency for Faster Business Results

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